Additional Furniture

Our additional Aspen wood furniture designs provide unique solutions for unique needs. Each product is one of a kind and built with the same exact care as our other pieces. Handcrafted from dead wood stands of Aspen groves in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, every style has a story waiting to be told.

Bring natural beauty into your home with our handmade Aspen log floor lamps and coat racks, built by hand from solid Aspen logs. Relax on your porch or curl up next to the fire with our rustic Aspen rocking chair. If you expect company, our handmade Aspen log benches offer ample seating for your family or guests. Built from whole logs or half sawn, our benches are great seating options for your patio or dining room. Include a cozy spot for man’s best friend with one of our Aspen wood dog beds. While some pieces may vary, most of our additional designs are hand-sealed with beeswax and linseed oil to maintain and preserve the natural beauty of our Aspen wood furniture.

Rustic enough to compliment your mountain getaway and refined enough for a unique fit in any home, Blue Ridge Aspen Wood and Log Furniture provides natural beauty that is built to last.